3 Rules of Sunglasses Etiquette

Sunglasses are a very popular accessory. The variety of shapes, colors and sizes of men and women sunglasses allows you to select the most stylish and fashionable options. In addition, good sunglasses always have a protective coating on the lenses against harmful UV radiation.

However, not everyone knows that sunglasses have their own wearing etiquette. It doesn’t matter how expensive and elegant your sunglasses are. Ignoring the rules of wearing them can lead to a negative impression of you. To avoid this, just learn three basic rules of etiquette that Quentin Quinn online store has prepared for you.

Wearing sunglasses indoors

One of the most common mistakes is related to this particular situation. Often there are people who prefer not to take off their sunglasses indoors. But is it okay to do this? It doesn’t matter which building you enter. Remember to always remove your sun accessory. The only exception in this case is glasses with special lenses, which are used when working at a computer.

Live communication

The rules of etiquette strictly dictate that sunglasses should be removed when talking to people. Will it be pleasant for you to communicate with a person who hides the expression of his or her eyes behind the dark glasses? Definitely not. This behavior demonstrates disregard and disrespect for your interlocutor.

But you may ask, what to do if the conversation takes place under the scorching sun, for example, on an open beach? In such a situation, the rules are slightly simplified. You can remove the sunglasses for a greeting and a quick conversation, and then put your accessory back on.

Cafes, bars, restaurants

Etiquette allows you to wear sunglasses provided that you are not sitting at the table indoors, but, for example, on the terrace or outdoors. In other cases, you should definitely remove them. Don’t pull them over your hair, don’t put them on the table — put the accessory into a special case.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in these rules. By following these simple rules of etiquette, you will produce only a pleasant experience. And if you are in search of new stunning sunglasses, welcome to quentinquinn.com where you can find sun protective accessories to any taste!

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