Match your outfit with the sunglasses

The right sunglasses can make you look stylish. But it is crucial to match them with the rest of your outfit and accessories to get the best results.

The way we dress up, carry ourselves, put on accessories, walk, and even respond through our body language to others – everything counts when choosing fashion accessories! Your clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and sunglasses sum up to make your look complete and unique.

Follow these tips to match your shades with the outfit.

Identify your skin undertone

You actually cannot see your skin undertone but, you can easily identify it. Expose your hand veins in the daylight, if they appear greenish, you have a warm skin undertone. And if they appear blueish, you have a cool undertone.  For a warm undertone, choose golden or earthy colors. You can opt for blue, black, or silver colors to match your cool skin undertone.

Analyze your wardrobe

So you should choose clothes and accessories that match your skin undertone. However, if you have some favorite colors, do not ditch them. The main thing about your wardrobe – you must feel happy about it and choose clothes and accessories that are really appealing to you.

Before purchasing a new pair of sunglasses, keep in mind the color scheme of your wardrobe. If you wear neutral clothes, you can add a stylish touch by wearing frames with different colors: green, blue, pink, etc. It will definitely add personality to the monotonous outfit.

You can also coordinate the color of your shades with any of your accessories. For example, you can match white-framed glasses with a white-colored watch strap.

Know the occasion

You cannot wear the same shades for all occasions. You might wear oversized frames for beach days, but they will not look good on weekdays with the business suit. If you want something more formal for business meetings, opt for rimless frames or tortoiseshell glasses.

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