Why You Shouldn’t Wear Sunglasses On Your Head

The need to take off your sunglasses is quite common. It takes a long time to get the case out of the bag, and not everyone carries it with them. Simply putting the sunglasses in a bag or a pocket is not the best solution: there is a high probability of scratching or breaking them. This is why many of us simply move our glasses higher, fixing them on our head. But is it right? In this article, Quentin Quinn online store will explain why you’d better not wear sunglasses like a hair band.

It may ruin your hairstyle

Regular wearing of sunglasses on your head can spoil your hairstyle. It doesn’t matter what shape of glasses you prefer — Pilot, Cat Eye, Round or anything else — the accessory crushes the hair, constantly fidgets from side to side, and creates chaos on the head.

The accessory can be damaged

In the hustle and bustle of urban everyday life, you can often forget that sunglasses are worn on your head. As a result, they may well just fall off the head. If dropped on a hard surface, the accessory can be severely damaged. Besides, you will be pleased if the sunglasses fall right on your plate during lunch in a cafe or restaurant.

Gradual wear on mounts and lenses

Don’t forget the most important thing: regular wearing of sunglasses on the head contributes to their accelerated deterioration. No matter how high-quality your sunglasses are, one day they will not withstand the stress. If you wear sunglasses on your head every day, the fixing rims of the parts will loosen. The frame will lose its original shape, become very loose and may cause discomfort when worn. The glasses will constantly get dirty and rubbed against the hair.

So, from the aesthetic and practical point of view, wearing this accessory on your head is not recommended. What if you need to take off your sunglasses for a while? After all, putting sunglasses in a bag or a pocket without protection can damage them. Use a special case, a pouch or a neck chain. Some sunglasses presented on quentinquinn.com already have a stylish case included in the package. Such devices allow you to keep your accessory safe and extend its service life.

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